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What’s New With Led By The Blind

Hello humans,

Led by the blind has a few new things happening.

First, we have an upcoming show in Buffalo NY at The FORVM on February 24th for the first annual Burtfest.

The band has nearly completed their sophomore album. Some of these new songs have crept up into the new set list for current shows. We hope you’ll enjoy it all. A trip to the studio is in order soon. will be relaunched in February.

New merch is also on the way. We have some new designs to share. Check out our current merch at .

The band has also just released an official lyric video for their new single, “Echoes & Whispers” which was created by Jamie. There are a number of rumblings about a new music video as well. With all of the new material, the band is contemplating which song to start with.

And last but not least, the band has been preparing for an East Coast tour in the spring. Lots of excitement for this from the band members.

As always, check out our social networking entities to stay up to date on what has been mentioned.

Stay metal and open your eyes.